We all dream of flawless, radiant skin, and with the endless products and solutions out there, there are plenty of ways to achieve this. We all know the basics of drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep and keeping genuinely clean, but finding out what works for you can take a lot of trial and error. Knowing your skin is a personal journal and keeping those breakouts and acne away can be challenging. Although all these tutorials, skincare hauls and blogs are helpful, learning what your own skin needs should be at the top of everyone’s list. 

Skincare can often take years to get right, but with a few simple steps, there are a handful of tips which can help along the way. 


Don’t use too many products 

Whether it’s through social media or word of mouth, a lot of skin advice comes with a long list of expensive products. Whilst so many of us believe a 10 step morning routine is what the skin needs, it’s actually quite the opposite. Pilling layers of product on the face not only clog pores but can also cause irritation and potential breakouts. 

Choosing the right products is again, super personal. Whilst select serums might work for some, they won’t work for everyone. So, finding out what type of skin you have and working around that is key to purchasing the right supplies. 

healthy diet

Maintaining a healthy diet

Maintaining a healthy diet offers a variety of benefits for health, wellbeing and fitness. The food you’re eating can also have a huge effect on your skin and is often a way of your body revealing the damage of what you’re putting into it. Not only does a healthy diet provide nutrition and vitamins, but it also keeps oils and dirt away. 

Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins has the power to promote younger-looking skin and can also reduce the chances of early ageing and wrinkles. 

Being kind to your skin

Similar to the limited products, being kind to your skin is crucial in both its condition and appearance. Taking extra precautions when washing, drying and moisturising will ensure the skin isn’t reactive or disturbed in any way. One good hack to remember would be, even if you don’t have sensitive skin, act as though you have.

To keep your skincare routine soft and gentle here are some easy steps to follow. 

  • Limiting bath and shower time: hot water and long showers/baths remove natural oils from your skin which is needed for hydration.
  • Avoid strong soaps: strong soaps and detergents can strip the natural oil from your skin and instead, dry it out.
  • Pat dry: After washing or bathing, gently pat or blot your skin dry with a towel instead of rubbing it.
  • Moisturise dry skin: Use a moisturiser that fits your skin type when it’s feeling dry. For daily use, consider a moisturiser with SPF in it.

Protection against the sun

One of the most crucial ways to take care of your skin is to protect it from the sun on a day to day basis. A lifetime of sun exposure can not only cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems but also can increase the risk of skin cancer.

The truth behind sun protection is that the skin needs protection even when we’re driving a car, running errands or sitting in the garden. Daily UV exposure can contribute to the visible signs of ageing so weaning a daily SPF is always recommended.

Regularly cleaning makeup brushes

To both fight infection and stay clear of clogged pores, it’s recommended to wash concealer and foundation brushes once a week if they’re regularly used. Dirty makeup brushes not only have old residue from the last use, but they can also collect dust and dirt every single day. 

No matter how often you’re using the brushes, the liquid makeup creates an environment that allows bacteria to grow. The last thing you want is this bacteria to travel from your brush onto your skin. 

water hydration


When talking about hydration and skin, this comes in both the external and internal senses. Keeping yourself hydrated with water not only keeps your mind and body revitalised, but also helps to keep the skin radiant throughout the day. However, hydration means more than just drinking water. Keeping your skincare cupboard stocked with hydrating products can also provide the moisture needed.

Hair skin and nails vitamin

Another simple and popular way to improve your skincare is by investing in a good vitamin supplement.

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When we discovered gummies, it was a game-changer.

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